Balloon Awareness
You can Help the Environment in one minute!  It's that EASY!
Preserve Helium and save an animal's life!
I need YOUR help to spread the word!
Decorating Alternatives
I don't think anyone would even miss having balloons at a party as long as there were  gifts, cake, friends, good music and a few paper lanterns, streamers and flowers.  So don't use them!  
Remember these words we learned in class  "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?"
By using paper decor that will break up in a landfill or something you can store and use again, you will get to use what was taught in class!
If you really must use a latex balloon, please just blow it up with your own oxygen and SAVE THE HELIUM.
Pricing and websites are listed under the Decorating Alternatives Tab.

What is Helium?

Check out the interview with Ryan Gates, sustainable fisherman tells what he sees out in the water
(under news/events tab)

Help Your Community:
Give the Minute-to-Win-it-Speech and 
make a difference!
It only takes about a minute to help the environment.  All you need to do is tell someone you know about all the ways a balloon can harm the environment, and they most likely will reconsider using them.  
I call this my Minute-to-Win-It-Speech:  "Balloons don't decompose; if they get released, they land back down on land or in the ocean where animals eat the pieces and  die.  Helium is a natural resource that is running out; once the balloon is popped we can't recapture it.  Helium is used in space, hospitals, scuba diving.  Please do not use balloons."
I've educated many businesses and friends alll over the OC with great results!  They all tell me:  "I didn't know that."  It really is something small you can do that makes a really BIG change instantly.                                      
                                  Thank you for helping our Community!


We want to hear from YOU!  Join today!!  

Share your story of how you inspired someone to stop using balloons, and we will post your message!  Write me the details using the contact tab above.  Your story, thoughts, pictures  or feedback will be published!

Thank you!

Ambassadors of the Environment Club

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    Thanks to my Mom. Without her I couldn't have done any of this.
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  1. Orange County Register Article:                       3/10/2016
    Orange County Register Article: 3/10/2016
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    Laura Stinson
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  3. Ryan Shihabi
    Ryan Shihabi

"Aliso Viejo 7th-grader airs grievance against balloons"

The article was written by Christopher Yee, reporter at the Orange County Register.  I think he did an amazing job putting all of my thoughts together.

I'm so excited about how many people have read this article and what a difference it will make.