Balloon Awareness
You can Help the Environment in one minute!  It's that EASY!
Preserve Helium and save an animal's life!
I need YOUR help to spread the word!
Hi!  I'm Ryan Shihabi.  
I'm 13 years old and an 8th grader at St. Mary's School in Aliso Viejo, California.  My biggest passions are for technology, computer science and the environment.  I can definitely tell you I will become an engineer of some kind.  I spend my free time either working on my Balloon Awareness Campaign, golfing or coding.  I enjoy programs like, Arduino, Photoshop, Basic Flash, HTML,  using Samsung and Apple products, Google Glass, Virtual Reality technology, Robotics, Stop-Motion Animation, Java, C ++, JavaScript, Unity.
Additionally, I started a business where I live called "The Loma Vista Dog Walking Service."  I started 
it over the summer of 2015.  
In Spring of 2015, I visited the Google Headquarters.  I learned a lot about technology, but also about the environment.  First of all, they are ahead of the world in so many ways there with inventions and research going on to solve so many problems!  This is where I first heard about and was shown where the "Doctor of Balloon Materials" works!  I had no idea what he did, so I asked, and was told "He was hired to create a balloon material that is biodegradable and to replace the harmful latex balloon we currently have."  My curiosity was further piqued when Ms. Volkmann, my Environmental Sciences teacher, began to talk about how plastics harm the environment.  Finally, last summer I actually saw balloon debris and a dead animal on the beach near the Ritz Carlton.  All these things lead me to want to do more research and see how I can help and change things.  
What I found was it is really simple to stop this problem!  Just don't use balloons!  But if people don't know, they can't do that yet.  So education through awareness is what I'm doing.  This problem really has been forgotten because no one ever talks about it.  This is how Balloon Busters  was born.  
I decided to start my program with my own school, friends and family.  So far so good, because St. Mary's has officially stopped using balloons!!!!  I plan to keep giving presentations to schools in my community.


Spindo TV Game Show Competition
Meccanoid Mayhem. I built and raced a robot!
We won, too!

2012 -2015