Balloon Awareness
You can Help the Environment in one minute!  It's that EASY!
Preserve Helium and save an animal's life!
I need YOUR help to spread the word!
Hi, I’m Maximilian Holy!

I’m 13 years old and now I’m a student of ISP in Czech Republic. One day I want to support animals in nature which are endanger or hurt. I don’t know yet what I will become one day, but soon I will know. 

Your question is “How did I met Ryan?” right? It is easy; I had met Ryan when I had lived in Switzerland and came to new school ISL. Ryan came at the same year and time to the new school ISL in Switzerland. We became good friends. Sadly, Ryan left ISL at the Christmas Break and went back to California. But, I was still in contact by social media. After half year when Ryan moved back, I moved to Czech Republic. 

“Why do I want to help Ryan with his Ballon Awareness?” I want to help because I know that animals dies every year because of plastic in the ocean on the land. It is very sad and I want to stop this! Animals should have same conditions as humans, not to destroy the habitats. 

I think to replace normal ballon made out of latex is a great idea because it won’t hurt any animal, it will save many animals lives! 

Please support the Ryan’s Balloon Awareness! You can save many lives of animals!