Balloon Awareness
You can Help the Environment in one minute!  It's that EASY!
Preserve Helium and save an animal's life!
I need YOUR help to spread the word!
NEWS / Calendar of Events
The following dates listed below are events that have occured or will occur  for my Balloon Awareness Project.  
All event dates are subject to change without notice, so please check in regularly or email me to confirm or if you have any questions. 
  1. 16
    Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Balloon Releases at University of Nebraska Football Games Man sues in federal court, says balloons are a threat to wildlife, children
    FLYING GARBAGE!! Man sues in federal court, says balloons are a threat to wildlife, children. Randall Krause filed suit in federal court last week alleging the release of thousands of bright red balloons by Cornhusker fans after the first touchdown of home games violates environmental laws. Wall Street Journal Article: http://www.wsj.com/articles/lawsuit-seeks-to-ban-balloon-releases-at-university-of-nebraska-football-games-1463331565
    May 2016
  2. 18
    Presentation to SMAA PTF
    Presenting to St. Mary's PTF. The goal is to educate the group on balloon hazards so they can make decorating alternative choices for future events.
    May 2016
  3. 22
    Anneliese School Presentation
    I have the privilege to educate students at Anneliese School about the impact that balloons have on the environment this coming EARTH Day!!!
    April 2016
  4. 16
    My balloon awareness campaign was featured in the Loma Vista community newsletter. It helped to educate many people so they can make better choices.
    Sept. 2016

Bulletin Board

Trying to get a response from Party City about offering a  bio-degradable decorating pack or Balloon Bobbins.  Currently you can only buy them through websites.  
They need give the consumer an option
Called and left messages, and wrote two letters; but nothing.  If anyone knows a way to talk directly to someone at the Corporate office in 
New Jersey, let me know.
Hope to do Ted Talks in 8th grade.  
Talked to Apex Apartments on Cabot in Laguna Niguel.  They stopped tying balloons on their vacancy sign that they place on the corner outside
Letter to Party City
Asked to speak at the Coastal Advisory Committee Meeting in San Clemente on September 7th to  ask them to consider banning the release of ballons into the air.